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On board the plane visiting from a rustic which requires a Russian visa — which the usaand Canada, however excludes most of the ex-Russian states, in most cases those south of Russia together with Kazakhstan and Armenia, and South American countries such as Brazil and Argentina, you’ll be supplied with a migration card that’s bilingual — Russian and English. The info required from you’re pretty simple: your call, date of birth, place of stay in Russia for the primary few days, inviting organization or individual,Get details from us uk visa application status – visainfodesk.

visa info desk

and your passport and visa numbers. as soon as this has been efficaciously crammed in, and it is now not tough by using any manner, it ought to be passed in to the migration reputable you meet on the airport. incidentally, both the left and right of the migration card need to be stuffed in, for the reason that customs authentic will stamp the proper facet and give it to you maintain. You need to maintain onto this migration slip for your entire length, and by using certain now not to lose it, given that this would reason issues whilst leaving Russia.

once you have left the airport, maximum articles will let you know that you want to register your Russian visa within 3 days. but, greater mainly, you need to sign in your visa inside 72 hours. because of this in case you land at 22:00 in the nighttime, then best those 2 hours final of that day will count in the direction of your seventy two hours, no longer the complete day, considering this would be unfair. The manner of registering a visa is easy in case you’re staying in a lodge, as nearly each lodge will sign up your visa for you, for the entire length of your live. they may also return the slip to the UFMS for you once you go away. All you want to do is not lose your passport or your migration slip.