Translation of documents for Canada

Our agency has for years experienced consultant and reliable translation practices intended for Canada.

We regularly every type of practice for immigration in Canada: are necessary to order work, study or permanent move, we can help you wherever it is needed a legal translation.

Thanks to the direct contact with the Canadian Embassy in Udine we regularly sworn translations with full legal effect.

In Canada with all the advantages!

The benefits to come to us such as consultants for translations for Canada are many:

Security: many years of experience in the development of these practices

Reliability: the same Canadian Embassy confirms to us how to carry out the practice if in doubt

Speed: very quickly. An example? For sworn translations of simple legal documents for immigration, for example, it takes 2 business days.

Savings/time: we take care of all the practice, you get the documents translated and jurors in the comfort of your own home by starting the work simply by email.

Savings/money: our prices are the lowest in the market. By requesting the free quote specifies that your documents are destined for Canada, we offer you a discount.

Legally certified translation

Thanks to direct confirmation from the Canadian Consulate in Udine we can assure you that for documents intended for Canada a simple Chinese translation, which gives full legal value to the translated document, without any need of legalization in the prosecution.

Also it is not necessary that a translator’s membership number to any CTU Italian: Unlike Canada In Italy there is a professional association of translators or interpreters valid throughout the territory, is the presence of the individual courts to mislead the user.

Sworn translations have full legal value regardless of whether the translator is entered in that register, being two separate things.

Equally important is knowing that the translation has legal value regardless of the Italian Court in which it is made.

Bandiera Canada Our headquarters is in Udine and assevereremo in our Court, where as the structure less congested the costs are lower: ask for your free quotation detailing our staff that the documents are destined for Canada, for having dedicated discounts.

A service available throughout Italy

We are active to follow all our clients ‘ needs, without any difference given by city or by geographical location.

At the end of practice we ship the paper dossier throughout Italy: try our service, you’re not coming back.