Sennheiser Noise cancelling headphones

Sound quality

The noise cancelling headphones do not buy for their appearance, they take to enjoy the music without disturbing the surrounding people. In the Sennheiser Momentum – an amazing value for money. In the headphones, external sounds are strongly muffled, but still they penetrate the cups.

The first thing you notice is the deep and rich sound of low frequencies. The basses seem to penetrate you to the very depths and at the same time sound very clean, voluminous and detailed. There is no such sound in some more expensive models. This is very impressive.

Unfortunately, the mid-range sound somewhat disappointed. If you walk along the street, the sounds of the city come to you under the cups of headphones, many elements of music are simply eaten up and sound unclear. But if you listen to the same composition in silence, the defect will disappear. This means that the headphones themselves reproduce the middle frequencies well, cleanly and in detail, but against the background of city noise they are “eaten up”.

noise cancelling headphones

As for the high frequencies, they are transmitted perfectly, and even street noise is not capable of harming them.

If your musical preferences are modern compositions with a richness of low frequencies and sounds, then these new noise cancelling headphones will give you the opportunity to detach yourself from the outside world in the busiest and noisiest places.

However, music, in which the entire audio range of reproduced frequencies is important, in particular, the classic, should be auditioned in a quiet room or office.

However, it is the price of this model that attracts potential buyers against the background of competitors, forcing not to notice such minor shortcomings.

At the same time, if you are in a quiet enough room, the headphone design will allow you to appreciate and hear the sound of each instrument in the interweaving of the sounds of a large orchestra or a musical group. This is very impressive, and makes the Momentum model one of the best options for buying.

Headphones will attract special attention of young people, whose desire to listen to the banging of basses makes the neighbors shudder. Any rep composition will be reproduced with maximum expression and sound quality. The reproduction of such sounds can be compared with Philips Fidelio , but they are much lower in price and produce no less clear and dynamic sound.


Momentum Sennheiser are some of the best mobile headphones. They can be taken to the street and enjoy the sound of modern music. And it will be excellent. But remember that silence really helps to open up to these headphones. Listening to them at home, you will understand all the details of the composition, perhaps even those that previously remained beyond the capabilities of your previous headphones.

Pros :

  • Reproduction of the whole frequency range without serious distortion;
  • Wonderful headphone finish and comfort for prolonged wearing;
  • Removable cable.

Cons :

  • Expensive compared with competitors.
  • Still one of the best noise cancelling headphones.