Different Tools for Generating a robots.txt File

One of the most useful tools nowadays for website owners is the robots.txt generator. This tool allows people to generate a robots.txt file that they can automatically include in their website in order to direct web crawlers like search engines as to which parts of a website they can visit and which they cannot index. This tool, along with the other tools for generating a robots.txt file is discussed in this article. so better pay attention to this article in order to know the useful tools that you can use for your robots.txt file.

Manual Generator

Before proceeding with the tools, it is important to have a background about the manual way of generating a robots.txt generator. The manual way of generating a robots.txt file involves your own knowledge of writing it. It requires an understanding and extensive knowledge about the syntaxes of the robotx.txt. Such syntaxes include the user agent syntax, disallow syntax, allow syntax, crawl delay syntax, and other more. The hard thing about this is that you may not have enough time to learn all these syntaxes. So a great alternative to produce a robots.txt file is to use an automatic generator instead.

robots.txt generator

Automatic Generator

An automatic generator of a robots.txt file like the robots.txt generator is a tool that you can use to automatically create a robots.txt file for use in your website. This can save you a lot of time and effort that would otherwise have been spent on learning and creating a robots.txt file by hand. So this can be really a big help to you.

Visual Tools

There are also visual tools for creating a robots.txt file. Such tools will generate the text file for you by allowing you to select which folders and files should be excluded from getting indexed by search engines. Some visual tools for generating a robots.txt file offer dropdown lists of user agents and also a text box where you can specify the pages in your website that you do not want web crawlers to index or visit. Such tools can be very helpful to you because they are very user friendly so you can easily create your own robots.txt file automatically.

Verifier Tools

Whether you have created a robots.txt file manually or automatically, it is very important to make sure that the text file was correct and well-written before placing it in the main directory or root domain of your website. You can do this by verifying the text file using a verifier tool. So after using the robots.txt generator or manually creating your own robots.txt file, use a robots.txt verifier to make sure that there are not misspelled user agents and incorrectly inputted directories.